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Audio translation agency for voice-over and subtitles

Audio translationsMatinée Multilingual is an audio translation agency specialising in voice-over and subtitling services, and the re-versioning of audio and video content. This process is in now in much demand across the localization industry. To achieve this we often need to arrange translation of existing content into the target languages required by the client.

Translation can be a bit of a minefield, and is made more complicated if it is an audio translation for voice-over, or for subtitles and captions. The first thing to consider is that many translation companies offer 'machine translations'. These are cheaper, but generally contain errors that a computer simply cannot solve. And it will be many decades before machines can adapt colloquialisms and humour. We are all familiar with examples of subtitles containing hilarious errors caused by the use of machine translations.

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Audio Translation and Subtitles for Historic Scotland multi-language DVD

Historic Scotland is an executive agency of the Scottish Government and is responsible to Scottish Ministers for curating Scotland’s historic landmarks and environments of historical significance.

They ask Matinée Multilingual to produce a DVD for the Urquhart Castle cinema room, but the challenge was to author a DVD that allowed up to 3 subtitle and 3 audio streams to run simultaneously in different languages. This so they could cater for large groups of tourists of different nationalities.

We produced the audio translations and subtitles in French, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese and our video editor produced a DVD which would allow multiple combinations of languages.  This meant the DVD could have English, French and German audio streams, with German, Italian and Japanese subtitles all at the same time.

Audio translations by in-country linguistic professionalsaudio translation linguistic professionals

At Matinée we subcontract all our audio translations to in-country linguistic professionals; all expert translators in their native language. All these talented translators have passed our stringent quality checks. They will not be the cheapest, but we know how important it is to get it right first time. This avoids costly delays and having to make corrections later in the production cycle.

Audio Translations to re-voice video content

You also have to decide if the translation is for voice-over, or for subtitles. When for voice-over, you must take into account that some languages are much 'longer' than others, when read. For example German is a 'long' language, and English is relatively short. If you are trying to match the voice-over to an existing video, the translator must take into account the available time within each segment, and make sure the translated voice-over will fit when laid back to the pictures. Sometimes the text must be shortened to facilitate this, and an experienced audio-video translator will have experience working within these timing constraints.

Audio translations for subtitles and captions

audio translation for subtitlesFor subtitles and captions the issues are very different. The translator must work from a transcript of the video, or from the original script. This will need to be translated into a subtitle format, which is usually a much shortened version of what is being said. This enables the viewer to read the subtitles at a comfortable pace. Translating for subtitles is a specialised skill, and cannot be performed well by a translator who has not trained in this discipline.

Audio Transcription Services

audio translation project managerAudio transcription is the process of representing recorded oral text in written format. Matinée Multilingual provide a comprehensive audio transcription service in over 80 languages.

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Case Study: Windows Live Messenger video translation in 37 languages

In partnership with Microsoft’s translation agency – Lionbridge, Matinée were commissioned to localise a set of Microsoft Windows Live Messenger 2011 product demonstration videos, which were originally created in Adobe After Effects.

First we transcribed the existing UK version of the video, and Lionbridge used these to organise the translations and screenshots. Matinée then cast and recorded a native female voice artist to create audio translations in 37 languages, and then edited and  re-timed the After Effects animations to match the length of the foreign voice tracks. These videos are now viewed worldwide in over 55 international markets. 19.12.16