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ISDN Voice Recording from any studio location

 ISDN voice-over studios in Reading

For years we have been digitally connecting our ISDN voice-over studios in Reading with other studios, broadcasters, actors and voice talent from around the world using ISDN. This means you can effectively record in any country or location you choose, so long as they have the same facilities ie. ISDN or Source Connect connectivity.

What is the difference between ISDN and Source Connect?

ISDN works over dedicated telephone lines. Both connected studios must have ISDN phone lines and the necessary hardware to make the connection. Source Connect delivers the same solution, in that a connection is made between two separate locations, but the data is sent and received over the Internet instead of using dedicated phone lines.

Stay in sync using our ISDN voice studios with recording to picture facilities

You can record your voice to picture if you require, which makes the whole process of post production much easier. Our editors have the knowledge and experience to set up the session in any way you require to make sure you get the best out of your chosen voice artist and the most out of your recording session.


Source Connect voice recording for Venkatesh Bhoomi

This video for Venkatesh Bhoomi, has a voice-over recoded at our studios in Reading.  Using our Source Connect facilty, the client was able to direct the session which we recorded to picture, from his location in India.

This video features the English in Indian accent voice over of Shirley-P, one of our most used Hindi voice artists.

Radio and TV broadcast links

The broadcast industry has been using ISDN connectivity for years, in order to connect to different locations all over the world. We can link to any radio or televison studio similarly equipped with ISDN, Source Connect or even Skype. This is convenient for conducting interviews for news stories, and to gain news, opinion and comment from anywhere you choose.

Convenient location close to London, but at a fraction of the cost

We are located just 5 minutes from Reading central railway station.
We have free and secure parking on site, with M4 and M3 and M40 motorways close by.
Access to London based voice talent and voice actors without the hassle of travelling into London. Matinée Multilingual’s proximity to London means we have a huge variety of voice-over talent to choose from.  Our English voice-over artists are in high demand and we provide UK voice-over talent and recording services to clients across the globe.

Preparing for your ISDN session

Naturally you’ll want your recording session to run smoothly and without any glitches. Connecting two studios can never be guaranteed error free, as we can’t control the studio we are pairing with. But we can and will check that the pairing studio connection is operating properly, and will test this at least one day before the date of

It all started back in 1985 by our founder Chris BroderickFounder of ISDN voice-over studios in Reading

Founded in 1985 by Chris Broderick, Matinée Sound & Vision has consistently delivered exceptional service & value over 30 years in the recording industry. We always put the customer first and go the extra mile to understand their particular needs.

And this meticulous attention to individual client needs, leads to a stress-free environment that we can all enjoy. The result – beautifully executed audio and happy customers.

Delivery of your files via secure and rapid FTP

Once recorded, we’ll send your voice recordings to you as uncompressed .WAV files via secure FTP. Or we can prepare your files in any other format you require. We are based close to the centre of reading and our FTP uses the latest fibre connections available from BT.  If we have recorded to picture, we can even lay back the audio to the video files and deliver them as a completed project.

Our service is fast, friendly and affordable too. With the latest Pro-Tools, Neumann microphones, and acoustics to BBC standards, you can rest assured that our recording engineers will capture the best performances at the highest possible quality. And we’re flexible too, so can direct the recorded performance as the session progresses.

  • ISDN voice-over studio hire, including engineer – £80 per hour + call charges
  • source connect studio hire, including engineer – £60 per hour
  • to see a list of ISDN call charges for each country visit: ISDN call charges per country

Skype in to direct your session ‘face-to-face’ without having to move from your desk

You don’t have to visit our studios in Reading to take part in the session.  You can make sure you get exactly the performance you want from your chosen voice talent simply by ‘Skyping’ into the studio.  You can direct the voice artist and give discuss progress with the recording engineer. Everybody can hear what is being said through the foldback system.

This video montage features a variety of subtitling projects we have completed in a number of languages.
It also shows four different ways in which the subtitles can be displayed on screen.