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IVR voice prompts with clarity and warmth

IVR voice prompts with clarity and warmthMatinée Multilingual have been recording IVR voice prompts for phone systems across the world for over 20 years. We'll record crisp, ready-to-load voice prompts within days. Our rapid selection voice-over service  can help you choose just the right voice, to maximise your caller experience.

We'll make your IVR voice prompts natural-sounding, to humanise an otherwise mechanical experience. We supply many established UK brands with their IVR voice prompts, voicemail messaging and auto attendant voice recordings. They come to us because our IVR voice recordings really do sound the best, and over any phone system.

And our recording quality is second to none. We have two excellent sounding voice studios and all the latest equipment and software to produce outstanding results,  We'll make ensure your recordings have the clarity and warmth you are looking for.

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Featured IVR voice artists

English Voice-Over Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a professionally trained actor and voice over artist based in West London. Her voice is warm, assured, and authoritative. Her accent is native RP English, but she also does character voices with other accents Read more...

Chandrika is an experienced actress and broadcaster. She is a regular newsreader for the BBC and she frequently records IVR telephone prompts for our customers. Read more...
EnglishIVR Faye

Faye is an English IVR voice artist and has been in the industry since 2005.  She has a native home counties / London accent that is authoritative, clear and warm. Read more...
English Voice-Over Jan

We’ve worked with Jan for over a decade and she is an exceptional IVR voice artist.  Her voice has graced countless IVR systems for some of the countries biggest organisations.  Read more...

We also offer male and female voice talent in over 80 languages, enabling you to speak to your customers around the world in a locally-authentic voice. Our in-country translators will ensure that your call system connects well with your customers. It's not just what you say, it's how you say it!

Some of our popular English and foreign speaking IVR voice talent

These are just a few of the voices we have available.  Tell us what you are looking for, and we'll send a selection of suitable voices, same day.

1.   Choose the voice talent you like, and download voice samples using the drop-down selector below.
2.   Send a Quick Quote to discuss your specific requirement, we'll send more samples to fit your brief.
3.   Once selected, we’ll check availability and costs, and then record a demo script for you to trial.

Case Study: IVR voice recordings for a credit card company

Here we show a handful of multi-lingual IVR voice recordings for a credit card company.  We cast and recorded one native voice-over actor per language, and recorded them at our recording studios in Reading.

The voice-actors we cast are all very experienced at reading IVR scripts, which require a consistent delivery style, sometimes over many hours of recording and many years of updates to the system.  We’ve included links to their show-reels below.

English – Stella, Spanish – Mariluz, French – Benedicte, Italian - Jessica G, German – Gertrude, Dutch – Saskia, Flemish – Marieke, Swedish – Matt

Meet Amy, one of our Project management team

As a Project Manager at Matinée, I am in constant communication with the customer, the Account Manager, and our in-IVR voice prompt Project Managerhouse production team. I also have to liaise with our many voice artists and translators from all over the world. I make sure everyone understands their role within the project and that the client's expectations are met fully. I react to any last minute changes that may be required, and ensure deadlines are met, and that customers always receive and excellect customer experience.

I make sure the customer is kept up to speed with every step in the production process, and when very busy this sometimes means staying late, to ensure files are delivered on time. I don't mind because another happy customer gives me great satisfaction when heading home.