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Arabic voice-over production made simple

As an established International voice-over agency, Matinée Multilingual has been providing a professional Arabic Voice-Over Service and Subtitling Service for over 25 years. We offer a selection of the very best Arabic voice talent, at a price you can afford.

Whatever you need it for, we’ll help you select the best Arabic voice for the job. We can record wild or sync to picture, and deliver the audio back in the file format of your choice, same day, via FTP. We can also lay-back the audio onto your video, and re-work the captions where necessary.

To calculate Arabic voice-over fees and recording costs click here.  You will also find a lot of technical information here on our FAQs page.

To check the availability of our Arabic voice-artists and to confirm costs, please contact us using the quick Quote form opposite, and we’ll respond within one hour. Or you can email or call on+44(0)118 958 4934.

Featured Arabic Voice-over Talent

Arabic voice-over artist Arwa

Arwa is a native Arab Palestinian voice-over artist, born in UAE.  She speaks English fluently with an Arabic accent and mastered English Language in Palestine. Read more...
Arabic voice-over artist Amr

Amr is a professional Arabic voice over actor. He has worked with many worldwide companies and organisations, and has a great experience in different voice over genres. Read more...
Arabic voice-over artist Rawan

Rawan is a professional female Arabic voice-over artist with a native Levantine accent.  She is also fluent in English and has recorded English voice-overs with Arabic accent. Read more...
Arabic voice-over artist Hazem

MHazem is an Arabic voice over artist, with +5 years of experience. He specializes in classical Arabic, with perfect articulation and deep chest voice. He has recorded for clients such as BBC, IRC & Marriott. Read more...

Arabic voice-over selection and quick quote in just 1 hour

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Arabic video translation for Microsoft Skydrive promo

Microsoft required audio-visual translations of their Skydrive promo video in 38 languages, including an Arabic version. And because Matinée are both an Arabic voice-over agency and an Arabic captioning company, Microsoft’s translation partner – Lionbridge, selected Matinée to handle all aspects of the video translation work.

First we undertook a review of the Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro video files, to work out the best approach for the Arabic video translation work. Then we produced an audio transcription, to include both a time-coded voice-over script, and the on-screen captions. Lionbridge produced all the translations and DTP work. We cast and recorded one native Arabic voice-over artist, taking care to match the existing time-constraints as closely as possible.

Our engineers integrated the Arabic translations, graphics and Arabic voice-over into the supplied source files, adjusting the animations to match the new Arabic voice-over track. The final Arabic video was encoded as an H264 MP4, ready for publishing on Microsoft’s portal.


A short history of the Arabic language

Arabic voiceover talent agencyArabic, the largest member of the Semitic branch of the Afro-Asiatic language family, is spoken throughout Northwest Africa and the Middle East. The spoken language consists of many varieties, which have all descended from Classical Arabic dating back to the 6th century.

Classical Arabic, in which the Qur’an is written, remains the formal version of the Arabic language. It is still taught in schools and used by religious scholars.

Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) has evolved – as the name would suggest – as a modern, standardised version of the language. It is widely understood across the Arab world, and used to teach Arabic as a foreign language, as well as by the media and politicians.

Colloquial (or dialectal) Arabic is the everyday spoken language, which has a great many regional variants. These can be mutually unintelligible enough to be considered separate languages, although this is a very contentious issue (many Arabs profess that they speak a single language). Read more


So… you’ve been given a quote for voice-over, and it includes costs for cleaning and editing the audio.
But what does this mean? And why do you need the audio edited and cleaned? This video will explain all.