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English voice-over in a Scottish accent

Scottish accent voice-overs can add a crisp, trustworthy and honest touch to any voice over project. Whether you are looking for a neutral accent, or prefer to focus locally with an Aberdeen, Edinburgh or Glasgow accent, we have a wide selection of professional Scottish voice actors.

As well as keeping our costs lower than many other voice talent agencies, we also pride ourselves on our exceptional service quality. All of our Scottish accent voiceover actors are assessed on quality and experience before they can join our talent list, and out production team are very easy to work with.

Don’t just take our word for it, find out how from previous clients such as Tain Silver, Greener Scotland and WSPA have benefited from working with our team.

Feel free to contact one of our Account Managers with your enquiry.  You can email or call on +44(0)118 958 4934. Alternatively, you can request a project quotation by filling out the Quick Quote box opposite. We’ll be delighted to send you some FREE demos of the best male and female Scottish voice samples for your project.

Please visit our FAQ page, for more information on costs and answers to any questions you may have.

Featured Scottish Voice-Over Talent

Scottish voice-over artist Blanche

Blanche was raised on the east coast of Scotland & now lives in London. Her scottish voice-over accent is warm, husky & engaging. She is experienced in commercials, drama & corporate voiceovers. Read more...
Scottish voiceover artist Diane

Diane is a Scottish VO artist with a confident, lively and highly approachable Scottish accent. She trained with Bauer Media some eight years ago. Her scottish accent works across a variety of age groups. Read more...
Scottish voice-over artist Steve

Steve has a scottish voice-over accent with a light highland lilt. He has worked worlwide, voicing everything from commercials and promos to educational training and award ceremonies. Read more...
Scottish voice-over artist Tom

Tom is a highly experienced & respected professional scottish voiceover artist with a distinctive Scottish accent. This a result of living & working on the West Coast, Borders & East Coast of Scotland. Read more...

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Video case study: Scottish Voice-over for SQA

IVR & on-hold messaging

‘Beyond the Exam’ explains how Scotland’s new National qualifications system works, giving candidates and their families a clearer insight into the journey an exam paper takes from its creation right through to results day.

In this video for SQA (Scottish Qualification Authority), Diane provided the Scottish accent voice over.

Video case study: Scottish voice-over for Greener Scotland

IVR & on-hold messaging

Greener Together is a Scottish government campaign, promoting greener living to aid and preserve the environment in a cleaner and more ecological way. They tackle issues such as wasted energy, wasted food and smarter travelling.

They created this animation to promote insulation in homes, in a bid to save on energy usage, and bills for heating and electricity. As the advertisement would be shown on Scottish television they opted for a Scottish voice over actor. It was thought the familiar accent would be picked up immediately by the audience, who would relate to it better than a non-accented voice.

Diane was the perfect choice VO talent for this campaign, and has a wealth of experience voicing projects in Scottish accent. The client was extremely satisfied with her professionalism.

Origins of the Scottish accent voice-over

Many people think that Scots is merely a dialect of English, but others believe that Scots is a language of its own and that the Scots we hear today is Scottish Standard English.

Scots came from the Angles, who came to Scotland in 600AD. By the 7th century Scotland’s people were speaking Northumbrian Old English, Celtic and the Pictish language. However Gaelic speakers began to settle in the west and the east of Scotland and within a few hundred years it had spread southwards to the lowlands and parts of Northumberland then became Scottish.

At the beginning of the 11th century, many Scottish people spoke Gaelic, apart from the settlers in the far north who were influenced by Viking invaders and spoke Old Norse. By the 14th century most people living in the eastern side of Scotland were speaking English.

The Scottish language by this time had influences from Norse, German, Latin and French due to alliances and trade. Scottish was spoken mainly in the highlands and in the lowland areas of Carrick and Galloway.

The Middle Scots period began in the 16th century when the language was differentiated from English by calling it Scots-Gaelic or Scottish English. Many Scottish speakers moved across the sea to settle in Ulster in Northern Ireland and the dialect there became known as Ulster-Scots.

Slowly Scottish people began to speak more in English, which led to the creation of Scottish-English, although they retained their distinctive accents.